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Schedule a Free In-Home Estimate

The in-home estimate is a unique experience that PDS Flooring & Trim provides as a part of our extensive services. It is essentially a way to bring the showroom to YOU, in your own home or business, in order to allow you to select your flooring in the actual space it will be installed. An in-home estimate appointment will allow out flooring expert to take accurate measurements of your floor and help you make the right selection of flooring to coordinate with the rest of your space while keeping your renovation costs in mind.


Having experts in your home also allows them to get an idea of what would best suit the space that you are looking to install flooring in. If you are a business owner and you are looking to install new floors in your commercial space, you may feel uncertain about what would be the best investment of your money in regards to your space’s renovation costs. You may have an idea of flooring that is beautiful, but will it be long-lasting? What kind of flooring best handles lots of traffic? Is there a type of flooring that works better for open spaces? Do specialized spaces—like dance studios—need a particular kind of flooring? An experienced general contractor can give you a better idea of what you need for your business because they understand what works in a particular space.


The same goes for residential spaces as well. Though you may be searching for flooring for your living room or your kitchen, you may not know what the best options are for your particular situation. What are the best options for families with dogs? What flooring would work best for people with kids? What if your house is by the beach—do you need special flooring? What sort of renovation costs will you be looking at for these types of spaces? These are the kinds of questions you can ask the licensed contractors at PDS Flooring & Trim. With their expertise, you can make the right selection for your home.

Their service is unique and distinct from other flooring companies because they not only advise you on what type of flooring would work best for you—they show­ you by bringing all the flooring samples from their store right to you. Contact PDS Flooring & Trim via the form above and request an in-home estimate for your home or business today!

PDS Flooring and Trim

PDS Flooring and Trim