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If you are interested in getting custom island trim to match your kitchen cabinet trim, contact PDS Flooring and Trim to learn more about the kitchen remodeler Tampa residents love. As one of Tampa’s premier kitchen remodelers, we can help you get the look that you want. Contact us or visit our website to see what we have worked on in the past and see how we could help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.


What Look Do You Want?


The overall look of your kitchen is going to affect what trim you select for your island. More formal kitchens are going to require a more intricate trim. However, the more intricate your design is, the more help you are going to need. You want to assure that your kitchen island looks as well done as the rest of your kitchen and that you have the best possible design. Some options for your kitchen cabinet design are:


  • Corbels: Wooden corbels are a rather ornate piece of carved wood that can add real elegance to your kitchen island. You can customize it to paint it in an older fashion or you can make the corbel neater with a clean, single color finish.
  • Molding: Molding pairs beautifully with wooden corbels but it can also be added on its own. The molding can be made more intricate or can be a simple pattern to bring a simple touch of luxury to your kitchen.
  • Baseboard: Baseboard trim can be an alternative to plain siding but does not take your kitchen to that type of over-the-top luxury that corbels and molding would.
  • Board and Batten: This type of trim can be the midway point between high elegance and simplicity. By adding a frame to your baseboard trim, you elevate the overall look of the kitchen but still have the opportunity to create a more modern look.

Can You Match Your Kitchen Cabinet Trim to Your Kitchen Island?


The beauty of your kitchen island can only go so far in tying the overall look of your kitchen together. In order to make sure that your kitchen looks the best that it can you must make your kitchen cabinet trim match your island in some way. This is not a difficult thing to do if you have the right help at your side.

At PDS Flooring and Trim, you can speak to an expert kitchen remodeler Tampa residents rave about and get the help you need to craft your custom kitchen your way. We can help you make sure that your cabinets and island match perfectly and that the overall look of your kitchen is what you want it to be.


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If you are looking for the kitchen remodeler Tampa residents recommend, contact PDS Flooring and Trim. We can help you get the kitchen trim that you want by customizing it to your specifications. Contact us to get more information about our services and how we could help you.