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When deciding between on a laundry room flooring, you may consider laundry room tile, hardwoods, and other options. As a business that offers the flooring Tampa residents recommend, PDS Flooring and Trim knows what options are going to be best suited for your laundry room floor. Contact them to learn more about what options they have and what would work best for your budget and needs.

What is Important for Laundry Room Flooring to Have?


Think about what happens in your laundry room. It is a space that tracks in a significant amount of traffic and holds two very large, heavy pieces of machinery. It will also likely have a lot of spills and a quite a bit of dirt and dust. That means that your flooring options have to be strong enough to handle all of that weight but also tough enough to combat stains and water spills.

This is also means that you cannot utilize expensive or high maintenance flooring for your laundry room. As much as you may want to continue your hardwood floors or marble tile into your laundry room, this can result in a lot of damage with not a lot of durability. Additionally, hardwood flooring may be subject to warping as a result of spills and certain types of tile may be more prone to stain damage as a result of constant spills.


Is Laundry Room Tile an Option?


Then what are your options? Vinyl laundry room tile may be an option you want to consider. Vinyl far more durable than other options and it is softer than other types of tile, allowing it to cushion the heavy washer and dryer. It is also stain and water resistant, making it ideal for a laundry room, and it is incredibly low-maintenance which means you will not have to worry about it after it is installed.

There is another option if tile is not quite the right one for you. You can always opt to utilize the subflooring in your laundry room and not place any flooring on top of it. This can be especially desirable if you have concrete subflooring. You can ask your flooring specialist if you can simply place a coat of finish on the subfloor to save yourself the cost of installing flooring. This can be durable and easy to maintain option. If you require additional cushioning, you can always use throw rugs or area rugs to make the space more inviting.

If you would like to learn more about your laundry room flooring options, contact PDS Flooring and Trim to get the flooring Tampa residents love.


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If you are looking to get new laundry room flooring or you would like to get the laundry room flooring that is going to best for your space, contact PDS Flooring and Trim. They are the premier business offering flooring Tampa residents recommend and they can help you select the right ones for your space.